Innovators in horticulture

If you’re looking to improve the quality and yield of your commercial crops or just want your house plants to be the envy of your neighbours – then Growth Technology can help.

We are a global company driven by a small, but experienced team of passionate horticulturalists from our base in O’Connor, Western Australia.

Over the past 20 years, we have led the way in the development of nutrient solutions in Australia.  Based on extensive research and testing, all of our products are formulated to suit the scientific needs of your plants.  From extensive laboratory analysis to practical garden application, our Head Chemist Carl Barry can attest to the success of each product manufactured by Growth Technology. 

Our practical experience is backed by a worldwide network of industry colleagues and professional alliances to ensure cutting edge growth solutions for all of our clients.

From nursery to nature strip we develop complete nutrient and plant maintenance programs for thousands of customers, including wholesalers, retailers, individual hobbyists, greenhouse growers, olive-tree farmers and many more.

Our product range is just as diverse - encompassing plant nutrients, growing media, propagation gels, instruments, soil analyses, nutrient management, reference materials and much more. 

Make the most of your investment.   Trust Growth Technology to deliver effective nutrient solutions that improve plant performance. 

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